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Floyd W. Parsons Award

The Floyd W. Parsons Award was established in 1987 at the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Institute and was so named to honor the memory of Floyd W. Parsons who, as Editor of Coal Age magazine, was instrumental in founding the Institute in 1912. In recognition of his significant contribution to the Institute, the Charter Members named Mr. Parsons its first Life Member.

The Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute established the following criteria for granting the Floyd W. Parsons Award:

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  • Outstanding and meritorious service to the Institute over a period of years in a loyal and dedicated manner.
  • Upholding the purposes and objectives of the Institute.

The following have received this award:

  • Floyd W. Parsons - 1912 Editor, Coal Age, Institute Founder, Charter Member and First Life Member of the Institute.
  • E. H. Weitzel - RMCMI President 1912-1915
  • Frederick W. Whiteside - RMCMI Secretary/Treasurer 1912 and 39 other years; RMCMI President 1922
  • Stanley C. Shubart - RMCMI President 1969, "Mr. RMCMI" for 25 years
  • Augusta C. Whiteside - RMCMI Secretary/Treasurer 1964-1982, RMCMI Secretary Emeritus 1983-1984
  • Loren V. Linville - RMCMI President 1979-1980, First Convention Liaison Officer, Parsons Award June 1989
  • Doris G. Finnie - RMCMI Executive Director 1982-2000, Parsons Award June 2000
  • Gary M. Stubblefield - RMCMI President 2004, Convention Liaison Officer 2000-2009, Parsons Award June 2009
  • Clark A. Moseley - RMCMI President 1998-1999, Life Member Award 2006, Patron Program Chair and annual program donor for several years, Parsons Award June 2021